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TV actors/celebrities recognized as mod.

By ratrace, Nov 3 2016 03:15PM

It is always great when you recognize someone on the telly as a mod. With some of the clobber getting about nowadays it is uplifting and reassuring that ‘mod’ is still around and as sharp as ever, their may be a smaller following these days, but mod is certainly not a lost cause.

You all know who ‘Bradley Wiggins’ is, and I am sure a few of you have distinguished that Wiggo is a mod, I mean the man has his own Fred Perry range and owns a Lambretta X200 Special. It does not get much better than that as a mod, go on Wiggo son.

I am sure by now most of you reading this are thinking “who is this little gob shite talking about mods?”. my name is Taylor and I am an apprentice for Rat Race Margate. 17 years of age. I have dabbled about with a few of the subcultures from the past because what else am I meant to do? Wear skintight jeans and shuffle to house music? Stroll on.

It all started with the football casual and soon found myself looking for something smarter and iconic, then the skinhead scene hit me when I was around 15, I thoroughly enjoyed the skinhead look but it just weren’t me. Then mod hit me, and shit did it hit me hard, before I knew it I was walking around in dessert boots, Levi jeans, a Fred Perry polo and a parka with a paisley scarf and the “Lennon” glasses, proper Liam Gallagher wannabe but I cant be blamed, he is the coolest man to walk the planet!

Another one that strikes me as a 60s inspired male is Gavin out of Gavin and Stacey, when the 2007 hit show was first aired, Gavin sparked some controversy on whether he was a mod or not. I personally come to conclusion he certainly is, although the actor who played Gavin (Matthew Horne) has admitted the he is nothing like the character he plays, in the show he still looks cool as ice in his signature sky blue Harrington, knitted polo shirts and desert boots. Gavin can also be seen throughout the show wearing top brands such as Fred Perry, Merc and Art Gallery if I am not mistaken.

Jack O’Connell is another one that can be perceived as a very indie, 90s inspired mod. I am focusing mainly on the part he plays in the 2007 hit show ‘Skins’ as ‘James Cook’. Cook is featured in the first episode of season 3 wearing a V-Neck jumper, branded ‘Lyle and Scott’ and a pair of Farah strides. Further on in the series ‘Cook’ definitely progresses in to the mod scene by wearing clothing such as the well know and ever popular Harrington jacket, along with brands such as Farah, Gabicci, Lyle and Scott with a pair of ox blood Dr Marten loafers, whilst always wearing a smart pair of strides with a few turn ups.

Even out of the show ‘Skins’ Jack O’Connell could easily stand as a mod, sheep skin coats, Harringtons, Fred Perry and a pair of Adidas Gazelle.

So in conclusion, you all have to agree no matter what subculture you are part of, that recognizing someone on TV as a mod, regardless of being fictional or not is pukka! The reassurance and pride is something that hits because you know that mod certainly is around and it will never be stopped, whether it’s the 60s mod, the revival mod, or the indie 90s mod. All for one as The Stone Roses said.

Thank you to all that read my first blog, I really appreciate it. To those that liked it, you’re class, top one. To those that didn’t, wind ya neck in and sod off.

Written by Taylor Meek of Rat Race Margate.

Jan 10 2017 11:32PM by fraser

Joe gilgun in Misfits (particularly series 5) has some crackin mod clothes, Art Gallery, Merc, Lyle Scott, Fred Perry Bradley Wiggins and John Smedley, have a look!

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