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Reviewing The Gallerys New EP 'Paisley'

By ratrace, Feb 6 2017 04:20PM

The new Indie/Britpop mod 3 piece band making ripples in the scene. The Gallerys.

After listening to The Gallerys I can say for sure that the future of music is certainly in good hands. With them being very sharply dressed and producing some top class music, you can’t really get much better.

The band is made up of three lads from Tunbridge Wells, James Wood on guitar and vocals, Craig Barden on bass and Dan Maggs on drums. The Gallerys have been featured on multiple radio stations such as BBC Radio Kent and Mod Radio, and received raving reviews when featured on BBC introducing.

The first song we had a chance to listen to was ‘You Don’t Really Love Her’ from their new EP ‘Paisley’ (class EP name by the way). The tracks starts with the band introducing the song with a playful guitar riff and strong harmonies, sounding almost like it had come from an early Beatles record. The drums join in and the song starts to roll. Brilliant lyrics such as "wear is the sunshine in her eyes" tell the tale of an ex girlfriend whom the singer warns of not being loved properly by her new acquaintance.

The whole song sounds like Morrissey in the 60s rather than the 80s and its brilliant.

Next up is the title track "Paisley" our personal favourite. It's one of those songs that's impossible not to sing along to. The song tells us of the love for a girl named Paisley, "when i hear you speak, i need your voice, its my remedy" with a lovely serenade throughout, it climaxes in a sing along chorus, crashing symbols and a strong Bass line. All in all a song to really get the crowd jumping and singing along.

The Gallerys mix mod, Britpop and Indie Rock so perfectly, think The Beatles, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys rolled into one, cant go wrong really. Have a listen for yourself on their soundcloud and also catch them for yourself when they play a live instore session at Rat Race on The 1st of April, 1.30pm.....Keep an eye on these lads, they are going places.

Written By Taylor Meek & Ryan Bond Of Rat Race Margate

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