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By ratrace, Jan 23 2017 05:17PM

Our visit from Mancs very own DJ, Phil Beckett.

What a way to kick start our new years celebrations, with Mancs very own Phil Beckett DJ’ing in store for us. On the 30th December Phil Beckett came to Margate from Manchester to do a DJ set for us in Rat Race and a set in our local pub, the Northern Belle, and what a set it was indeed.

Phil was a top class bloke, from the minute he walked in to the shop to the minute he left, Phil was a proper lemon squeezer and we would be more than happy to have him back.

Being a typical Northerner, the first thing he asked for was a cup of rosie, or as he called it…”a brew”. Phil also had that 90s mod vibe going with a pair of dessert boots and suit strides. Smart geeza!

Unlike your typical club DJ that does all there tunes on a memory stick, playing rascal house music with a bunch of shaved back and sides, Armani wearing lads shuffling around, Phil brought down his laptop with some wicked tunes but does regularly use vinyl to DJ with. You cannot expect anything less from a DJ for The Stone Roses. When I went to see The Stone Roses in June of 2016, before all the support acts came on, Phil was doing his thing on the decks and he had everyone buzzing, some top class tunes were being played.

Phil’s DJ set in store was something else, nothing but class. He had a natural ability when it came to DJ’ing, giving off his manc attitude when a proper tune came on. Phil played some well known tunes, but further into his set he was playing a lot of unknown ‘90s underground’ music which really set a great

atmosphere in the shop, I am sure I speak for the customers on this one that it was a great time to be shopping.

Phil was also telling us some of the material he was playing, Sons Of Twist and Factotums were definitely a favourite of mine as I had never heard of them, but after Phil’s visit I cannot get enough.

We all at Rat Race thank Phil for coming down and giving it the large ones in the shop because we all seriously enjoyed it and the music was top class.

Thank you to all that have read my blog, if you enjoyed it, a comment wouldn’t go a miss, but if you didn’t like it then stroll on son.

Written by Taylor Meek of Rat Race Margate.

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