eddy boys, Mods & rockers, skinheads, punks, Britpop      


      boys and girls: they've all found their home in Margate.


It's a tribal place. Today, the original mods tip the new ones about good tunes, old skins help the young ones smarten up. Generations help each other out. Pensioners are as cool as teenagers. Sixty years of youth culture run through the

town like letters through rock.


Youthful style has always been on the edge and Margate's on the edge of Britain, close enough to London to pick up the beat but far enough away to add its own twist.


Hemingway may have just discovered Margate, and promoting Dreamland talks about the town's subcultures and street style with the zeal of a recent convert.

But in Rat Race Margate, you'll find people that always got that Margate was cool.

In Rat Race they do not see the trend as a subculture revival, they knew the styles had never gone away. Since 2010 they have been the destination for customers looking for classic Harrington jackets, sta-prest trousers and traditional button-down shirts.




That confidence and unapologetic swagger is rather attractive. Pretty Green shot their Spring-Summer collection in the town, and while there fell in love with Rat Race's quirky cool.

Pretty Green came back and held a pop up shop in the store in May.


Now an official stockist of Pretty Green you'll also find Dr Martens, Brutus Trimfit, Trojan Records, Art Gallery Clothing, Hawkins & Joseph, all proving that the shop is a classic British clothier.

Mod style was famously described as being all about clean living in difficult circumstances and that holds true today. Clean, sharp and classic.


New staff at Dreamland Vintage Fairground knew where to go when fifties inspired uniforms were required. Rat Race stocks famous brands for the ladies such as Freddies of Pinewood, Collectif and Lindy Bop, all perfect collections for a sassy retro look.


Mixing up Mod clothing, skinhead style, a touch on the fifties and then adding a contemporary twist, Rat Race is a 21st century take on the 20th century's finest subcultures. The staff look as good as the customers, and regular instore DJs make it clear this place is about more than just clothes.


Rat Race is a lifestyle, not just a style statement.


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